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Please complete the below form in order to begin the behavior consultation process. HSP only uses humane, positive-reinforcement based methods. Corrective, punishment-based training is not only ineffective, but potentially harmful to both you and your pet. 

Behavior consultations are scheduled on-site at the shelter or in your home. For on-site training sessions, our Behavior Technicians will work one-on-one with you and your pet to help curb undesirable behavior and set you up for success. On-site consultations are typically 1-2 hours and fees are $50/hour for an on-site training session. For requests for in-home consultations, you will be referred to HSP's consulting partner, Jasmine Johnson, who provides positive-based training in the comfort of your home. 

Please fill out the following questions as accurately as possible. This questionnaire is designed for both dogs and cats, so some questions may not apply to you and your pet. Please refrain from labeling your pet’s behavior and instead make objective observations to the best of your ability. For example, rather than stating, “My dog has separation anxiety,” write “My dog chews on my furniture when I leave, urinates in the crate and barks for hours.” This will aid us in determining exactly what is going on with your pet. Also, please be aware it is not atypical for us to request you take your animal to see your veterinarian. Many behavior issues are a result of underlying medical conditions and can easily be remedied with the appropriate treatment.

Thanks to the HSP Behavior team, I was able to help better my dog’s behavior. Despite years of her being fearful with strangers, she is now confident around new people. Thank you Heather and Danielle for helping me keep my beloved Bella!

Disclaimer: Yes, this form is long and will take some time to complete. What is going to take even more time is working with your pet in order to improve their behavior, so we ask that you be committed to helping your pet be successful. After all, your pet did not develop their undesirable behavior overnight (and if they did, you should be talking to your vet!) so therefore your pet's behavior can't be modified overnight. Trust us, we wish it could be, but unfortunately magic wands are only found in Ollivanders. 

What we do promise is to read every part of this form, make thoughtful and informed behavior modification plans and dedicate ourselves to helping you and your pet. HSP provides behavior plans based on positive-reinforcement and science-based methods and we enact these plans with the help of our certified behavior technicians, and of course, you! 


behavioral questionnaire

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