Giana Annichiarico, CVTCLINIC MANAGER

Giana grew up in Pinellas County’s own Palm Harbor, and has loved animals all her life. She grew up with Boxers and an American Bulldog who unfortunately had a lot of skin problems. Through all the medications and steroids her family Bulldog had to take, with nothing seeming to help, Giana was motived to enter the veterinary field to better understand her family’s situation.

Giana attended St. Pete College Veterinary Program, graduating in 2016 and passing her exams in 2017. She worked in private practice along with our Veterinarian, Dr. Gintert, and eventually followed her to the Humane Society of Pinellas when she learned how rewarding working at our community clinic was.

Giana got married in March, had a baby in June, has two dogs named Sunny and Bruce Wayne, and a bob tail cat named Mae Mae. She is currently in school again working on her Bachelors in Veterinary Nursing and Practice Management, and when she has free time she spends her days fishing on her family’s boat.