Kyle Kushubar, DVM, Clinic Veterinarian

Growing up in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, Dr. Kyle Kushubar's career path took him to Florida where he became the HSP Clinic Veterinarian in October of 2015. Being surrounded by a variety of pets during his childhood (and already owning a white coat with Dr. Kushubar proudly branded on the front) motivated him to become a veterinarian. Dr. Kushubar received his Bachelor of Science Degree in Animal and Nutritional Sciences from West Virginia University before earning his Doctor of Veterinary Medicine from Ross University in the West Indies. Since working with HSP, Dr. Kushubar's passion for shelter medicine lies in the pet clinic, as he feels a strong community connection through his ability to help pets and their families in Pinellas County. In his free time, Dr. Kushubar is an amateur gondolier and participates on a recreational zorbing team.