Emergency Fostering for HSP


When Hurricane Irma hit Pinellas County in 2017, the Humane Society of Pinellas had less than 72 hours to evacuate over 200 animals. Because of the incredible support from our community, we were able to get every single pet into a safe foster home. Hundreds of people we had never met, some whom had never even heard of our shelter, lined up outside our doors to welcome a pet into their home during such a scary time for us and our community.

To best prepare for potential disasters and for weather that poses a safety risk for our animals, we recruit emergency fosters year round to aid HSP’s homeless pets during these times. Please see our options below on how you can aid HSP in our time of need.


Cold Weather temporary foster

In the colder months, temperatures can drop below 40 degrees and our animals cannot remain outdoors. Due to our limited indoor space, the HSP team recruits foster families to accept our pets into their homes. Cold weather foster families are asked to take on pets for a cold night, or during a short cold snap. Commitment time is minimal and supplies are provided.


hurricane and natural disaster

In the event of a hurricane, HSP needs to evacuate our animals, as our outdoor facility is not safe for them or staff. We ask that hurricane foster families pick up their foster pet between 72-24 hours of landfall. These families either house that animal throughout the storm or, if necessary, evacuate that animal with them. Hurricane foster pets come with emergency supplies and return to the shelter 48 hours after the storm has passed.


donate supplies and emergency funding

Supply preparation begins now for our facility. Click below to view our emergency supply needs or donate towards emergency funding.