foster coordinator contact information

If you have a medical need with your foster, or are just generally concerned, please contact Megan immediately! During business hours, when staff are on site, please utilize the Humane Society of Pinellas team to address your any urgent medical concerns.

Our Foster Coordinator, Megan, is on site and available Tuesday - Saturday. Please note, she is unavailable after business hours. For medical emergencies after business hours, please utilize our partner emergency clinic.

phone: 727-580-7969

Megan’s Schedule

Tuesday: 9AM - 6PM

Wednesday: 8AM - 2PM *please note, Megan is in surgery on Wednesdays making sure your foster babies are well cared for! You may need to call our Medical Department for faster assistance.

Thursday: 9AM - 6PM

Friday: 9AM - 5PM

Saturday: 8AM - 4PM

When Megan is not available, please contact our Medical Department on Sundays (8AM - 4PM) and Mondays (8AM - 6PM).

Medical Department: 727-797-7722 ext. 234.

Non-urgent question or concern? Email Megan or complete the form below to send a message directly to her inbox!

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