Have A Heart for Heartworm positive Dogs

Did you know it costs $680 per dog just for their Heartworm treatments?! Through February, we are campaigning to bring awareness and to raise money to give pups a 2nd chance at a healthy life. Heartworm is a disease that is transmitted through infected mosquitos. Through the blood, the larvae travel to the heart where the parasite lives and multiples. Heartworm is 100% preventable through affordable monthly prescriptions like HeartGuard, but when missed, the treatments can be pricey. Florida is one of the top 10 states for Heartworm positive incidents, and, in 2018, we treated 35 dogs that came into our shelter with this awful disease!

We are hoping to raise enough money to fund all of the Heartworm positive dogs that come to our facility in 2019, so Have-A-Heart and visit one of our partnered locations to grab a heart and donate:

Are you interested in Sponsoring a Heartworm Positive dog?

Check out our current furry residents who are Heartworm positive! Not all of them are currently adoptable, but all of them are in need of the $680 treatment!

Even if you are unable to sponsor the entire treatment, but wish to help, a little change can go a long way! Anita, Chino, and Larry were all lucky enough to be sponsored, will you help out the next heartworm positive pup in need at the Humane Society of Pinellas?

Contact our Marketing & Community Relations Coordinator, Devon, at DArcuri@HumanePinellas.org or 727-797-7722 x229 if you have questions or would like more information.

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