Pet Surrender

The Humane Society of Pinellas is Pinellas County’s largest no-kill animal shelter, taking in over 3,000 animals each year from our community and other shelters. We firmly believe that adoptable animals should never have a time limit, and our staff and volunteers do everything we can to provide the best medical and behavioral support while our furry residents await their new homes.

At HSP, we understand that pets are considered family members. We also understand that life situations sometimes prevent pet owners from providing the level of care their animals deserve. If circumstances arise that make it difficult to care for your pet, the Humane Society of Pinellas has options that can help keep your beloved pet in your home. Our Compassion Counselors are here to help - do not hesitate to ask us how we can help you can keep your pet!

If you are seeking low cost veterinary services, please contact our Pet Clinic at (727) 791-6782. Our clinic provides wellness visits, spay/neuter services, medication and vaccinations at a low cost to help our community.

Is your pet’s behavior causing you to consider rehoming? Our Behavior Department offers complimentary advice over the phone and via email. Our technicians can also provide you with on-site or in-home training for only $75/hour. We use only positive, science-based methods so training can be fun for you and your pet. Contact our Behavior Helpline at (727) 692-8435 or email the team at

HSP has a variety of services to help keep people and pets together. Please consider alternatives to shelter surrender through our PASS Program. There are more resources in Pinellas County than you may realize!


THE surrender process

If surrendering your pet remains your only option, you may submit a surrender application that is reviewed by our Admissions Department. Because of our “no time limit” policy, HSP admits animals dependent on space and resources. For this reason, the Admissions Department admits animals by appointment only and must review your application before HSP can care for your pet.

The following information may be helpful when applying for pet surrender:

  • Appointments are scheduled every day of the week, except for Wednesdays and Holidays when the shelter is closed.

  • All canine surrender appointments are conducted by our Behavior Department to ensure your dog receives the best level of care and training during his or her time with us.

  • Appointments can take anywhere between 30-60 minutes. Being thorough helps your pet!

  • During your appointment, your pet will be medically evaluated and you will complete a Pet Personality Profile with our staff. This profile is intended to give us enough information to give your pet the best care and to set him or her up for success in the adoptive home.

  • HSP has a surrender fee of $50 for dogs and cats, $75 for litters of puppies or kittens and $25 for small animals, such as rabbits and hamsters. These fees help us with the cost of caring for your pet, which is over $500 per animal.

Please complete a surrender application below. Applications are reviewed daily and our Admissions Department will contact you within 24-48 hours.

Click here to complete the Pet Surrender Application.

found a stray?

In order to have a centralized location for lost pets, the Pinellas County Return to Owner Task Force dictates all stray animals go to Pinellas County Animal Services to have the best chance at being reunited with their families. As a part of the task force, we encourage all pets be in a centralized location for reunion. Pinellas County Animal Services can be reached at 727-582-2600.

If Animal Services is closed, stray pets can be brought to one of their after hours locations:

Tampa Bay Emergency Vet, 1501 S. Belcher Road, Largo, FL - 727-531-5752

Animal Emergency Clinic, 3165 22nd Avenue N., St. Petersburg, FL - 727-323-1311

We kindly ask that healthy stray cats be left alone! 

Less than 2% of cats brought to shelters find their owners, while they have upwards of a 20% chance of finding their way home by themselves. If you see a roaming cat that appears healthy, please do not bring it to the shelter. Chances are it is owned and/or cared for. If the cat needs medical attention, bring it to the aforementioned clinics. If you feel the cat is unaltered, please see our Trap-Neuter-Vaccinate-Return page for information on getting the cat spayed/neutered. 

Please see our Stray Cat Flowchart for tips on recommendations for neighborhood cats!

For questions regarding our stray policy, please review our Lost and Found Pets page, or contact our Admissions Department at 727-797-7722 ext. 232 or at Since we are a managed admission facility and intakes are dependent on available space, we cannot always accept stray animals. 

For pet surrender questions and additional information, email or call (727) 797-7722 ext. 232.