PASS: Pinellas Alternatives to Shelter Surrender

The Humane Society of Pinellas strives to keep pets and people together. Because of our dedication to this mission, we created PASS: Pinellas Alternative to Shelter Surrender.

Navigating animal welfare information online can be intimidating. PASS is just another way that HSP can help guide you through all the assistance options Pinellas County has to offer. This page contains an abundance of information about rehoming your pet, veterinary care assistance, low cost veterinary services, training services, and more! Our goal is to reduce the number of pets surrendered to shelters in Pinellas County.

REHOMING your pet

The Humane Society of Pinellas understands that sometimes rehoming your pet may be your only option. While HSP offers pet surrender services at our shelter, you may choose to rehome your pet yourself.


You get to meet the adopter. By rehoming yourself, you are able to meet your pet's new family and can prepare that adopter with all the important information to help your pet be comfortable transitioning into a new home. After all, you know your pet better than anyone else!

Avoid euthanasia. Some shelters are forced to humanely euthanize pets for health, age, behavior, lack of space, or other reasons. Rehoming the pet yourself prevents this outcome and prevents shelter crowding. 

Some pets are not good shelter candidates. Shelters can be very stressful places for pets and this stress can make finding a new home difficult. For example, many dogs may bark in their kennels. While this is normal, adopters may think the pet is too "loud" or "active" for their family, when this is not necessarily the case. Some pets even develop behavior issues from prolonged shelter stays, such as fear aggression or anxiety. Allowing the pet to remain in your home eliminates this potential stress.

Click the link below to view pets are currently in The Humane Society of Pinellas' PASS Program: Pinellas Alternatives to Shelter Surrender. While their owners cannot keep them, these families have decided to rehome their pet(s) without surrendering them to a shelter. Pets remain on the PASS Pets Page for 90 days and then must be re-submitted for posting. Please contact our PASS Team at for questions or posting. 

All adoptions of PASS Pets go through the current owner and HSP has very limited information on pets available through this program. Please contact the owner directly for information regarding each pet.

Scroll over each pet's photo for their name and owner's contact information!


Medical Care

medical care at hsp

Affordable medical care can be difficult to find, but The Humane Society of Pinellas has low-cost options available for our community. Please visit our Pet Clinic, Spay/Neuter and Mobile Medical Unit page(s) for more information!

Please note, the Humane Society of Pinellas does not receive any government funding a relies solely on donations. While we can provide low-cost services and work with low-income families, we cannot provide free medical care.

Financial assistance for medical care

The following organizations assist pet owners with the financial burden of routine and emergency medical care. While the PASS Program has these organizations listed, HSP is not affiliated with any of the below groups and cannot guarantee funding. 

Fonzie Foundation – Grants to assist with unexpected/emergency pet medical bills at your own vet. 

Canine Care Tampa Bay – Financial assistance for wellness, vaccinations, and treatment of minor ailments, including skin, ear, and eye infections.

Frankie’s Friends – Financial assistance for specialty medical care – Ask your primary care veterinarian for a referral.

The Magic Bullet Fund – Assistance with finances and fundraising for dogs with cancer.

animal poison control

The ASPCA has a Poison Control hotline: (888) 426-4435 Consultation fees may apply.


Pet-Friendly Apartments

A common reason for pet homelessness is related to moving and being unable to get pet-friendly housing. Many landlords and property managers do open their residences and communities to responsible pet caretakers. Please consider the following advice when seeking a lease or purchasing a property where pets are allowed:

1.  Give yourself a minimum of six weeks to find a suitable rental.

2.  Compile documents that prove you are a responsible pet owner. Include vaccination records, training certificates and letters of reference from your previous or current landlord and veterinarian. You can even make a resume for your pet!

3.  Be prepared to pay and even offer an extra security deposit.

4.  Promote your pet and yourself. Make arrangements for the landlord to meet your pet! Responsible pet owners make excellent renters.

5.  Protect your rights. Make sure “pets allowed” is part of your written lease agreement or in the association by-laws.

6.  Don’t try to conceal your pet. You may be subject to eviction or legal action.

7.  Respect the pet restrictions. Most properties will have policies in place such as: weight/size limitation, breed limitation, species limitation, and maximum number of pets allowed.

8.  Respect pet “house rules or by-laws”. All properties will have regulations in place for the benefit of the community at large. Let your landlord or property association know that you will comply.

Remember that every situation may have slightly different guidelines.  So take as much time as necessary to fully understand all the rules and regulations pertaining to your lease or homeowner’s association contract.

For information on where to find pet friendly housing in your area, visit the following links: 

Bring Fido

Apartment Guide 


Housing for my pet when I pass away

Humane Society of Pinellas’ Care for Life program – plan for your pet in case you pass away – Call (727) 797-7722 ext. 222 for more information. 

Long-Term Boarding or Petsitting

Tampa Bay Professional Pet Sitters Network

emergency boarding

We realize that sometimes emergencies occur that may prevent you from being able to care for your pet temporarily; however, your commitment to your pet prevents you from wanting to proceed with surrender. In certain circumstances, the Humane Society of Pinellas is able to temporarily provide housing for these pets. Each application is evaluated by our Pet Resource Team and individuals must qualify for our Continued Care Program. For more information, please contact our Pet Resource Office at 727-797-7722 ext. 232 or complete an application online now.

pet food assistance

The Humane Society of Pinellas offer several pet food programs that can be viewed on our website - click here to learn more!

other pet food pantries

Largo Area
SPCA Tampa Bay Pebble’s Food Bank
Free pet food for people facing financial hardship. Call (727) 586-3591 ext. 121 for details.

Pinellas County Animal Services
12450 Ulmerton Rd, Largo, FL 33774
Call (727) 582-2600 for details.

Free monthly home pet food delivery for qualified US residents.