Adoptable Cats

We are committed to preventing animal homelessness in our community and we’re thrilled that you’re interested in adopting from the Humane Society of Pinellas. When you adopt a cat from HSP, you will take home a feline that has been microchipped, vaccinated, and spayed or neutered. Our vaccinations are according to shelter standards and up-to-date for the pet’s age and current health. This may mean your adopted cat or kitten may need additional vaccines after you take them home.



We are open to the public on a first come, first serve basis. Due to our shelter being under construction and having limited space for visiting adoptable animals, a HSP Staff or Volunteer will sign you in at the Adoption Gate. A counselor will escort you to either the cat adoption building or dog kennels depending on your interest. We ask for the safety of our guest and animals, you do not enter the adoption area unescorted.

Our website is updated live, so if a pet’s photo is present, he/she is currently available for adoption. To see our Adoption Center hours of operation, please visit our Contact Us page. Contact [email protected] or 727-797-7722 and choose prompt #2 for additional questions or information.

Meet Your Purrfect Match

If you want to welcome a new cat or kitten into your family, these lovable four-legged friends are currently available for adoption at The Humane Society of Pinellas. Our available cats and kittens will steal your heart.
Have you seen the cats in our Home to Home program that are also looking for their furever homes?

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Home to Home Cats

Please note that the cats in our Home to Home program are not part of the Humane Society of Pinellas’ adoption program and are not housed at HSP. 

If you are interested in adopting one of the small pets in our Home to Home program, please contact the owner directly. Their contact information is included in the pet description.

Ophelia “Phi”

Approx 1-2YO/feMALE/spayed
OWNER CONTACT: Dragana Tabaković

Meet the cuddle connoisseur Ophelia a.k.a. “Phi”! She was found outside of our office a little under the (100F FL) weather. Our program has taken her in the for the last 2 months and has discovered a lot about this unusually small and cute kitty.

With her being 6 lbs. we assumed she was a kitten, but Ophelia is actually closer to 1-2 years old and definitely a lot more mellow than a kitten. She loves the simpler things in life like sleeping next to humans, playing with ribbon, a good brushing, and singing the song of her people when she thinks you might have missed your shift of pets.

She has all her shots, is spayed, is on the “fancy” flea/tick treatment, and is litter trained. Although all of her blood work is healthy, Phi is FIV+ which according to the vet will not likely affect the length or quality of her life if she’s in a good home.

Recently we learned a coworker is pretty allergic and are now scrambling to find her a loving home. Please please please do not hesitate to reach out if she has charmed you too or with any questions (re: FIV, Phi, logistics, etc)..

FYI, she also comes with lots of comfort items should you want them (cat water fountain, food bowl, crate, blanket, toys, brush, collar, and size large litter box & mat).


OWNER CONTACT: Robin Boisson
[email protected]

Mandy is about 7 years old and a very sweet kitty. She has always been an indoor cat. She is a little overweight, loves to snuggle in the chair with someone and has no issues with other cats. We have a tall cat-tree which she loves also, as she watches the lizards and birds from the screened porch.

My mother has just moved from her apartment into an assisted living facility and is unable to continue to care for her cat. 

We will be able to keep her in the apartment for a couple more weeks, but then will have to move her. Hopefully, to a new fur-ever home. We are willing to pay for any vet fees needed to bring her up to date on her shots. 


OWNER CONTACT: Frank Fantauzzi
727- 748-3230

Jaxx ‘s personality is the sweetest most loving and very calm and patient cat I have ever met! And I’ve had many!

He loves cuddling and kisses. He is super friendly and really like getting to know other people of all ages and cats. He’s the type of cat that just like to make other people and cats feel welcome. He can be active when you want to play with him but besides that he is a very chill cat that loves to sleep and lay in the sun.

He loves wet and dry food mixed together. He’s a simple cat.
Jaxx doesn’t have a favorite toy but he will love anything you give him. He’s also very smart and sometimes will feel like he knows what your saying and understands it. He knows certain commands (like stop, go to bed / go to sleep , Jax chow (that’s his call for food). If you say, “Jaxx chow” he will come to you. He loves being brushed as well.

Jaxx is also curious especially when you Cook and always wants to be apart of what you’re doing! You definitely won’t feel lonely with him, he’s very affectionate. He is up-to-date on all his vaccinations.

Contact me if you would like to see him and get to know him yourself! You won’t regret it .


[email protected]

Her name is Clio, approximately 4 years old, spayed and healthy but not up-to-date on vaccines. The only reason I’m rehoming her is because I am moving, and financially cannot afford to bring her along.

Her personality is among the best out of all pets I’ve ever owned. She’s so sweet, cuddly, loves to play, gets along well with most other pets, she oddly likes to lick and nibble on ya if she’s in an extra sweet mood. She’s purely an indoor cat, but very interested in going outside. She’s a perfect cat for those who are more introverted (Like myself.)


Approx 6MO/feMALE /not spayed
OWNER CONTACT: Matthew Birbeck
Call or text: (570) 260-6777
[email protected]

Olive was taken as a stray and has been sheltering with me for the last 4 weeks. Olive is a black cat (~6 months old) with olive green eyes. She thoroughly enjoys attention and cuddles with just about anyone. She is very playful and gentle. She is looking for a loving home and owner. She is not spayed or UTD on vaccines

Hey Girl

Hey Girl and Hey Boy

1 1/2YO/feMALE & Male/spayed & Neutered
OWNER CONTACT: Matthew Gowdy
[email protected]

I have been taking care of (raised since 8 weeks old) 2 outside TVNR cats where I recently lived. I have moved but these two need a good home. I have 5 indoor rescue cats now and cannot bring them with me. Both have very good personalities. Hey Girl is a little skittish but works well with her her brother Hey Boy. They need a good inside home and would make great pets. I’d like to get the adopted as a pair.

Hey Boy, is a black/tan tabby, who is 1 yr 4 months old and 5 to 7 lbs. He has a great personality. Was indoors for a short while and was a loving, snuggling cat. 

Hey Girl is a black/gray tabby, who is 1 yr 4 months old and 5 to 7lbs. She follows her brother’s lead and enjoys petting and is very friendly.

Hey Boy

Smokey gets along with any cat, as long as its not another grown male. Smokey is part of a bonded pair with one of my other kitties (that I think was an abandon as well). His “wife” is a wonderful calico girl, full of personality, spayed, and up-to-date on vaccinations. I would LOVE to find a wonderful home that will take both, as I would hate to separate them, but I will separate if it helps him find a good home.

Smokey doesn’t come when his name is called, but DOES come when I call, or say “keke”. Smokey is a good boy, and would be a wonderful new “fur” family member in someone’s home and family. I personally don’t recommend him go to a home that has babies, or little kids, but older kids are ok. Smoky is ok with being lightly, and gently brushed, but isn’t a fan of hands directly in his face for any period of time.

Smokey/Domestic Longhair

5YR (approx)/MALE /neutered
Call or text: (727) 486-1784

“Smokey” is a long-haired, sweet, loving boy, and at least 5 years old, maybe more. Smokey is looking for a new home, preferably someone that has the time for his love, and has a house with a nice yard, that he can go in or out as he pleases. He can go potty outdoors, and is ALSO litter trained. He is the sweetest lap cat, who loves to play with any kind of toy, and once he gets to know you will follow you anywhere. 😊

Smokey was an abandoned/dropped off at my house 5 years ago. He was thin, and hungry, so I took him in (along with other kitties.) We have grown to love him, and have been caring for him. He is neutered and up-to-date on shots. He loves being outside the most, and whenever I am outside, he just crawls into my lap, (for the love this sweet boy deserves) I am not sure of his breed, but he could be part at least PART Persian.

Peanut/Domestic shorthair

[email protected]

Is there anyone who can provide a home for Peanut, a declawed, 12 yr old senior male neutered kitty who is essentially feral and doesn’t want to cuddle.  This poor baby’s life has flipped upside down when his human passed away.  He needs a safe indoor home with someone who will be content to allow him to live out his life as he pleases with little to no human interaction.  He has spent most of his life indoors with other cats, uses the litter box just fine, and is strictly an indoor only cat now.  He feels safest on an elevated perch like on top of the fridge or up above cabinets.  He can be pet on his terms however will usually growl or hiss, but never acts aggressively otherwise.  He is just a “grumpy old man”.  Are you able to be his savior?

Can’t adopt right now?

At HSP, we have fostering and sponsorship opportunities for those who want to make a difference in the lives of our animals but are not in a position to permanently adopt. Learn more about our foster program and fill out an application today or choose to sponsor a cat.