Adoptable Dogs

Following our mission of preventing animal homelessness in our community, the Humane Society of Pinellas are happy you’re here. When you adopt a dog from HSP, you will take home a new pet that has been microchipped, vaccinated, and spayed or neutered. Our dogs are vaccinated according to shelter standards and up-to-date for the pet’s age and current health. This may mean your adopted dog or puppy may need additional vaccines post-adoption.


We are open to the public on a first come, first serve basis. Due to our shelter being under construction and having limited space for visiting adoptable animals, a HSP Staff or Volunteer will sign you in at the Adoption Gate. A counselor will escort you to either the cat adoption building or dog kennels depending on your interest. We ask for the safety of our guest and animals, you do not enter the adoption area unescorted.


After more careful review of the latest guidance from the CDC, Pinellas County is an area of “high transmission risk” due to the increasing threat of the Delta variant. The current CDC recommendation is that masks should be worn indoors, regardless of vaccination status, for areas of high transmission risk.

Therefore, effective until further notice, everyone is required to wear a mask indoors in all public areas, regardless of vaccination status. We appreciate your patience and understanding.

Our website is updated live, so if a pet’s photo is present, he/she is currently available for adoption. To see our Adoption Center hours of operation, please visit our Contact Us page. Contact [email protected] or 727-797-7722 and choose prompt #2 for additional questions or information.

Meet Your New Wagging Companion

If you want to welcome a new dog into your family, these lovable four-legged friends are currently available for adoption at The Humane Society of Pinellas.
All senior dogs aged 7 years and older are part of The Humane Society of Pinellas’ Diamond Dogs program. These beloved grey muzzles are offered extra pampering post-adoption, including daycare, grooming and even water park passes with Love My Dog Resort & Playground.

To view all the dogs available, inside the window below swipe up to scroll through all our adoptable dogs.

Home to Home Dogs

Please note that the dogs in our Home to Home program are not part of the Humane Society of Pinellas’ adoption program and are not housed at HSP. 

If you are interested in adopting one of the dogs in our Home to Home program, please contact the individual owner directly through the contact provided.

Rocco, Lab/American Staffordshire Mix Breed

Age unknown/Male/neutered
Owner contact: Natasha Maldonado
[email protected]

Rocco is a sweet Lab / American Staffordshire Mix who was adopted 6 years ago from a rescue in Sarasota, FL.  He has lived with 5 children and 1 other dog all of his life without any issues.  He loves to go on walks and play fetch in the yard.  He knows many commands, like sit/stay/shake/out/off.  Rocco is a gentle giant who loves to be pet and snuggled.

Tia, Mix Breed

Owner contact: Michele 727-992-4646
[email protected]

This is Tia. She is a very sweet and quiet little girl. She loves people and greets them with love when they walk through the door. She loves children and gets along well with other dogs. She has been crate trained so she will go in happily and sleep. She is 13 years old so she isn’t very active anymore. She mainly likes to just hang out and chill next to you on the couch, floor or in her crate.  She really is an all around great little girl! 

Jupiter, Great Dane

Owner contact: Ruth Bozeman
901-574-0689 [email protected]

5-year-old AKC Registered Great Dane. She’s gentle, loves people, but my parents now live with us, and they don’t like dogs. It’s causing too much stress for everyone, including Jupiter. She’s a wonderful, amazing dog.

She loves to go on walks but doesn’t require a lot of walking. She loves to cuddle and hang out with the family. Her favorite toys are fuzzy animals that squeak-especially her squirrels- we call them her fuzzy tails. 

Willow, Hound Mix Breed

Owner contact: Kaitlyn

She is a female hound mix that loves to nap all day and go for long walks. She is spayed and 8 years old. Willow is a gentle dog and would do great with a family that could give her lots of love and attention. 

Koa, Lab/Pit Mix Breed

Owner contact: Tom Burke 

From Koa’s owner: Koa, he was rescued by me a couple years ago but doesn’t get along with my other rescue dogs at the house. He is trained and very affectionate however, he needs to be in a single animal home. 

  • Koa is very affectionate and listens well to commands
  • He is sociable at dog parks and tends to be the “mayor” of the dog park by correcting poor behaviors when other dogs are fighting or playing too rough
  • At home he is also sweet, however, he is protective over his food and toys.  he doesn’t allow my other dogs to eat until he has eaten and has been known to take toys from my other dogs
  • Owner rescued him with weak hips so he doesn’t jump up onto things, doesn’t like to swim unless it is like a lake or beach that he can walk into and walk out of.

Odin, Husky

Owner contact: Doreen Dimitri text: 757-373-5691
[email protected]

Odin is a 8 year old Husky. He is very energetic and likes to talk a lot. He is missing one eye that he lost when he was a puppy, but it does not phase him. He does chase small animals outside, but has started to get used to cats. He is somewhat of an oddball, but he is very affectionate and loves to cuddle at night. He will let you know when he has to go out by talking to you. Odin also comes with lifetime training with Bark Busters. 

Odin would love to find a new family with his dog sibling Aspen if possible but can be re-homed separately.

Aspen, Husky-mix

Owner contact: Doreen Dimitri text: 757-373-5691
[email protected]

Aspen is a 8 year old Husky-mix and a very affectionate dog. She loves to cuddle during the day, but at night, she mostly likes to sleep by herself. She needs a home with no cats or small animals. With the right training, she can adapt to other larger dogs. She can climb fences, so a tall fence would be ideal. Aspen is very anxious during storms or fireworks. Aspen comes with lifetime training with Bark Busters. She has done great with some of the training, but needs some work with chasing small animals, outside. 

Odin would love to find a new family with her dog sibling Odin if possible but can be re-homed separately.

Max, Border Collie/Pitbull Mix Breed

Owner contact: Dannielle McVicar 
[email protected] 

Rescued from a shelter at 6 months old. Loves all humans, including kids. Does not love other animals and has high anxiety. Would like to join a loving family that can provide extra attention and love.

Max is the biggest cuddler you’ve ever met and completely food driven. His favorite thing in the world is to lay on laps because he believes he’s a lap dog even though he’s nearly 70lbs! He loves dog biscuits covered in peanut butter and Beggin strips! He doesn’t care much for Kong’s or chew toys of the sort (too much work lol).

He is not much of a fetcher but loves playing tug of war with ropes or stuffed toys. He also loves to chew the squeakers out of any toy that has one.

He loves his tummy and butt rubbed and to give hugs. He is not a fan of water but doesn’t fight bath time even though he isn’t happy about it usually.

He really is a big teddy bear and just needs a family to love him to pieces!💙

Can’t adopt right now?

At HSP, we have fostering and sponsorship opportunities for those who want to make a difference in the lives of our animals but are not in a position to permanently adopt. Learn more about our foster program and fill out an application today or choose to sponsor a dog.