Adoptable Small Pets

The Humane Society of Pinellas doesn’t just take in dogs and cats, we also provide a loving space for small pets, including rabbits, rats, guinea pigs, and more. Our adoptable critters are spayed or neutered and given the appropriate vaccines for their age and current health according to shelter standards. While we make sure to microchip all of our dogs and cats, there are some small pets such as birds, hamsters and mice that we do not microchip.

Before you check out our available pocket pets, please know that we have changed our adoption procedures during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Meet Your New Small Pal

These cute little guys and gals would make a wonderful new part of your family. Our critters are vaccinated according to shelter standards and up-to-date for the pet’s age and current health. Please also know that not all pocket pets are altered or qualify for vaccines. 

Home to Home Small Pets

Please note that the small pets in our Home to Home program are not part of the Humane Society of Pinellas’ adoption program and are not housed at HSP.

If you are interested in adopting one of the small pets in our Home to Home program, please contact our Admissions Department at [email protected] for more information or contact the current owner.

WeeBee, Lionhead Rabbit

2 years old
Will be Spayed 12/10
Owner/foster’s contact information: Lauren Thacker
[email protected]

WeeBee is a young Lionhead rabbit who was found after being dumped at a local park. It turns out she was pregnant. She was an outstanding mother to four furbabies. who have found their forever homes. Now it’s WeeBee’s her turn to find her forever home.

This silly little rabbit is not only a ball of fluff but fire as well. She has the most personality of any rabbit I have ever had the pleasure of meeting! After enduring so much trauma WeeBee deserves a place where she can enjoy the rest of her days and be with someone who can give her the time, love and attention that she deserves- and craves!

WeeBee is very curious and is not shy about jumping up and standing up on her back legs to greet your extended hand. She likes to take matters into her own hands (like taking your pant leg and trying to move you if you are in her way!). She also thoroughly enjoys a good face rub and the frequent hair styling sessions she has gotten used to in foster! If a bunny could be called a “Diva”, WeeBee would be that bunny!

I would recommend that her future adopters be experienced with bunnies and their specific behaviors and have ample time to spend with WeeBee in order to gain her complete trust. She is really more dog than bunny! She would probably be best kept as a solo bunny so that she doesn’t feel threatened and therefore is less likely to exhibit dominant behaviors such as peeing/pooping outside of her litter box(es) as well. She has been in a home with several cats and a large dog and doesn’t seem to mind them too much but they also leave her alone. Since she has been through so much, she is sensitive to change so the less outside “stimulation” for her while she is adjusting to her new home the better.

Can’t adopt right now?

At HSP, we have fostering opportunities for those who want to make a difference in the lives of our animals but are not in a position to permanently adopt. Learn more about our foster program and fill out an application today.


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