All About Spot

Almost completely hairless and severely underweight, 7-year-old Spot came to our facility in a heartbreaking state. Confiscated by law enforcement in a neighboring county, Spot was malnourished and diagnosed with scabies. 

Upon her arrival, our medical team jumped into action performing the necessary tests and discovered that Spot had an upper respiratory infection, a bacterial skin infection known as pyoderma, infections in both of her ears that caused bleeding, intestinal parasites, and a complication with her right eye, known as entropion. Entropion is a condition in which the eyelid folds inward, causing the eyelashes to rub against the cornea causing discomfort and loss of vision if corrective surgery is not performed. 

On top of all her infections, her bloodwork determined that she was also heartworm positive. With worms living in her heart and bloodstream, Spot is required to remain on low activity and endure the entirety of the 2-month long treatment that consists of 3 phases of injections. 

Through all of her testing, staff handling, and constant pain, Spot’s tail continued to wag. 

We resumed Spot’s scabies medication and began treatment of her other ailments and scheduled her eyelid repair procedure. 

Spot has been under the care of HSP for one month, spending the first part of her stay in a foster home as she recovered. She rested, ate a lot, and, most importantly, began healing! She spent her days in the company of 2 other dogs, a cat who approved of her presence, and her wonderful foster humans. 

Spot is almost completely covered in fur again and we have started her heartworm treatment in the beginning of September. She is now available for adoption and would love a quiet home where she can get all the attention she deserves. She is a gentle soul who gets along with everyone she meets. Do you have room in your home for this loving and happy girl?

To meet Spot, please first visit the Adopt Dogs page of our website as it is updated live, so if Spot’s photo is present, she is currently available for adoption. Contact [email protected] or 727-797-7722 Ext. 2 for additional questions or information.