Fostering for HSP

The Humane Society of Pinellas goes above and beyond for every animal, especially when they aren’t ready for adoption quite yet and need a little extra TLC. Pet foster parents open their homes to animals in need of medical care, behavioral training, or those that just need to grow!

The foster program gives care and treatment to pets that are not quite ready for adoption. This can range from underweight puppies and kittens, to dogs undergoing heartworm treatment, all the way to end of life care, or as we fondly call it, “fospice.”

Due to construction, we are in high demand for fosters to house and love our dogs, cats, and small wonders while we continue the exciting process of building a new shelter. Please consider fostering so we can continue to strive towards our mission of preventing animal homelessness.

During hurricane season and the winter months, the Humane Society of Pinellas needs our community’s help! When Hurricane Irma hit Pinellas County, HSP had less than 72 hours to evacuate over 200 animals. To allow for preparation in the event of an emergency, HSP now recruits emergency foster families starting in the summer.

What we need:


In the event of cold weather, a hurricane, or a state of emergency, HSP relies on the help of Emergency Foster Families to evacuate animals.

Upon signing up as an Emergency Foster Parent, families will be asked to take in an animal within 24-48 hours of being contacted. All supplies for the pet are provided by HSP. Return of the pet to the shelter is required within 48 hours after the state of emergency has passed. To sign up as an Emergency Foster click the button below.

Fostering Benefits All Types

Too Young for Surgery

Many kittens and puppies that enter our facility who are too young to be spayed or neutered due to their sizes. We put these babies into foster homes until they grow big and strong enough to recover from their surgeries.

Nursing Litters

We would never want to separate the mother cats, dogs, or pocket pets from their babies too soon, so sending these pets with their litters into foster homes is the most ideal situation.

injured or ill pets

We are dedicated to providing individualized care for every animal that comes our way. During an ill or injured pet’s treatment, sometimes it is best for the pet to be in a home environment to increase its level of comfort and decrease it’s recovery time.

long term residents

For our longer term residents, sometimes it’s beneficial for a small break! We offer weekend getaways for our dogs to experience some time away from the kennel life and give them an opportunity to relax in a home.

special circumstances

Sometimes the shelter environment is too overwhelming and stressful for some dogs and cats. HSP wants to make sure all of our animals are as comfortable as possible during their time with us.

Donate to the Paws

Last year the Humane Society of Pinellas took in over 500 kittens, and with Kitten Season 2020 approaching, we are in need of additional supplies in order to provide the highest standard of care. HSP needs your support to provide all food, equipment and medical needs to keep young kittens safe, healthy and happy during their time with HSP!

Foster Program FAQS