Keep Your Pets Safe on the 4th of July

Fireworks and Your Pets

“Many people enjoy the booming sounds and flashing colors of fireworks, but they can be terrifying, overwhelming⁠ and hazardous for both wild and domestic animals.

On the Fourth of July, many animals become so frightened by the noise and commotion of fireworks that they run from otherwise familiar environments and people, and sadly become lost. They may also suffer devastating or even fatal health effects from the stress. The sudden bright flashes and sounds can cause wild animals to run into roadways, resulting in more car accidents than normal. Wildlife rehabilitation centers are often flooded with traumatized, injured and orphaned wild animals after the holiday.”- Humane Society of America

Are You Prepared? Here are just a few helpful tips for keeping your pets safe through the celebrations.

  1. Keep Pets Indoors. You May Enjoy the Fireworks, but Pets are Often Terrified of the Loud Booms, Unusual Noises and Fireworks Light Show.
  2. Provide a Quiet Place Inside Your Home to Help Them Feel Safe and Secure.
  3. Give Them Distractions: Toys, Treats, Soothing Music and Your Company and Comfort.
  4. Make Sure Your Dog is Wearing Their Collar with Their Tags. Microchip Your Pet for Added Security.
  5. Walk Your Dog Earlier in the Day to Get Needed Exercise and Playtime.
  6. Never Leave Your Dog in a Hot Car. Temperatures rise quickly inside a closed vehicle reaching a fatal 116 degrees in less than an hour.
  7. Protect Your Pet from Heat Stroke during Summer Festivities. Just like us, pets can dehydrate and suffer heat stroke in the summer heat. Keep your eye on your pet and provide plenty of cool water.

And don’t forget to keep your eye on the picnic table when pups are around. Foods like corn cobs and chicken bones are easy for a dog to grab and choke on. Other foods like onions, chocolate, avocado, grapes, raisins, and alcoholic drinks can all be potentially toxic to pets. Make their holiday safe by keeping them on their regular food regimen and leaving the human foods to the humans! For additional toxic foods for pets: