Join Our Virtual Kitten Shower

Kittens, kittens and more kittens are here!

Kitten Season began in mid March this year and we have already taken in hundreds of kittens under the age of eight weeks and it won’t slow down for months.

Did you know, every kitten we take in will typically remain in our care until they are two months old and two pounds. They will receive regular medical care including vaccinations, preventatives and any necessary treatment for infections or illnesses. Prior to be put up for adoption, they will be spayed or neutered and microchipped. We believe in giving them the best possible start in life with their new families!

On average during kitten season, we have anywhere between 30 to 60 kittens placed with families in our Foster Network. Caring for kittens that are neonatal to just a few weeks old requires a significant amount resources. We provide every foster with everything they need to care for the babies they foster.

We are currently in need of these critical supplies:

  • Miracle nipples
  • KMR Milk Replacement Formula
  • Royal Canin wet kitten food
  • Heartbeat pillows

Most people think kitten season is just in the spring, but in reality the season last through late fall, and in Florida close to all year long. Cats can have several litters during the season. Each year the Humane Society of Pinellas experiences a massive intake of kittens and momma cats between the months of March and November.

Your gift during our virtual Kitten Shower will ensure that each one gets the shelter, medical care nourishment, and love they need to survive.

Help our littlest kids grow up, to choose a special gift today, visit the Kitten Shower registries below:

Helping kittens grow from the time they are born until they are ready for adoption often requires 24-hour care and lots of resources. Your gift helps neonatal, bottle-fed newborns, nursing moms and her kittens, or keeps kittens safe, warm and loved as they grow.

Not a fan of online shopping? Please consider making a donation to help save these fragile lives, it will make a world of difference to hundreds of little ones.