Rescuing atticus.

Rescuing Atticus.

Heartwarming story of a pup who suffered a critical injury to living his best life with his loving, forever family.

Meet Atticus, a 2-year-old male Belgian Malinois who was hit by a car and sustained significant injuries including a complete fracture of his right femur. Due to the extensive damage to the limb and bone, immediate surgical intervention was needed in order to save his leg. Our medical team jumped into action, partnering with another local Humane Society experienced in surgery of this type of orthopedic injury.

Surgery and Recovery

A large surgical plate was placed across the bone fracture to stabilize the limb and allow it to properly heal. While the surgery was a success, Atticus developed an autoimmune condition where his red blood cells were being destroyed by his own body. With diligence, medications and treatments the process was reversed allowing his body to heal from his initial injuries and recent surgery.

In all, Atticus remained under our medical care for 47 days. During that time, our entire staff fell in love with this amazing, resilient pup! 

Once stable and well into his recovery, Atticus was placed into one of our loving foster homes for rest and rehabilitation. After rebuilding his strength and having positive results on repeated x-rays to assess for bone healing, Atticus was placed up for adoption. Atticus’s foster family fell hopelessly in love with him and he is now a permanent member of their pack!

“Atticus has been the perfect addition to our family. Our 5-year Shepherd loves to wrestle and play tug of war with Atticus. Atticus loves his morning walks, is very snuggly and gets lots of attention from our two kiddos. He likes toys, the beach, and being right by our side. We can’t imagine life without him anymore! He melts your heart when you look at him! He’s blended right in as if he’s always been part of our pack! We call him knucklehead because he does the goofiest things. We are so grateful we found him.”
                                                             – Britty & Daniel

In total, Atticus’ rescue, medical intervention and care cost thousands of dollars and took 47 days. And it was worth every penny to see how much he is loved and thriving today. So many animals like Atticus that suffer catastrophic injuries aren’t so lucky to receive this type of intervention and care. HSP is able to take cases like Atticus because of generous supporters like yourself. We couldn’t do what we do without you! We hope you will continue to donate and help us in rescuing even more of the “Atticuses” out there that desperately need our help. Donate here.