saving buddy.

Meet Best Boi Buddy!

From severely injured to loved member of his forever family.

Meet best boi Buddy! One and half year old Buddy sustained significant injuries when he was hit by a car. A kind stranger found Buddy on the side of the road and took him to one of HSP’s municipal partners.

Buddy suffered contusions on his lungs, and fractures in both his left forelimb and left pelvic limb. Injuries too severe for a municipal shelter to handle, so we answered their call for help. Buddy transferred into our care mid December of 2021.

We Didn’t Count Buddy Out!

Even though he was severely injured, his spirit was not broken; this best boi has a fighting spirit! Teaming up with our partners at SPCA Florida in Lakeland, we were able to provide Buddy with orthopedic surgery to repair the fractures.

On his return to the shelter, Buddy was able to walk on his own with support from our medical team. This gave us hope that his youth and fighting spirit would lead to a full recovery. When Buddy was stable and making a good recovery, we placed him with a caring foster family. We knew his recovery period would be lengthy and need close supervision.

We’re happy to report that after 121 days in our and his foster’s families care, Buddy has fully recovered! His foster family has officially adopted him and he living his best life with a family who adores him!

In all, Buddy’s medical expenses cost HSP approximately $4,000. Buddy got his second chance at living a full and happy life because of generous supporters like yourself. Thank you for helping us save Buddy!

Buddy, the best boi, right before surgery.